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DroidEFB - Fly with Android

DroidEFB - Fly with Android

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    June 23, 2017

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  • DroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with AndroidDroidEFB - Fly with Android

The Description of DroidEFB - Fly with Android

Aviation GPS with moving map and flight planning app for pilots - matches many features found in ForeFlight, but for Android! This pilot app provides GPS navigation and flight planning support. Full featured and reliable, DroidEFB is a must have aviation app for general aviation and professional pilots:

*En-route GPS navigation via moving map
*NOAA aviation weather and NEXRAD radar
*Geo-referenced approach plates and taxi diagrams
*ADS-B compatibility
*Make notes on charts and approach plates
*Weight and balance
*Fuel price and FBO information
*Flight plan filing
*Search for points of interest

30 day free trial
$6.99 per month for VFR
$74.99 per year for VFR
$149.99 per year for IFR Geo-referenced approach plates

Highly capable and responsive, this Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) reduces cockpit workload and provides relevant information when you need it. DroidEFB™ matches many features found in the ForeFlight® app, which only runs on Apple’s more expensive mobile devices.

DroidEFB overlays current position and flight plan onto an FAA Sectional, TAC, Low Altitude or High Altitude chart. On the ground, current weather is displayed for long range planning; helping pilots visualize the impact current conditions will have on their flight.

Input and easily amend airports, waypoints, victor/jet airways, GPS coordinates and DME. Advanced navigation log with time/distance/bearing info takes into account current winds aloft using proprietary algorithms.

Once airborne, routes flown can be stored as GPS breadcrumbs, uploaded and viewed in Google Earth.

All charts and plates are viewable via our servers with an Internet connection and are downloadable for offline use. RouteMinder™ automatically checks the planned route for Charts needing downloaded.

DroidEFB can be used to receive and file official briefings through Lockheed Martin Flight Services AFSS! Register at and enable Avilution/DroidEFB in the list of service providers (Flight Planning & Briefing > Service Provider) to receive notifications.

DroidEFB Features:
-Point of Interest (POI) Search - find and save airports, street addresses, business names, coordinates
-Approach plates and airport diagrams (Geo-referenced with Premium subscription)
-Create, save and sync user waypoints and Flight Plans
-NEXRAD and ADS-B traffic (TIS-B) w/supported devices
-Write or draw on charts and terminal procedures
-Sophisticated weight and balance
-FBO Fuel Price (100LL; Jet A)
-VSR (vertical speed required)
-Special Use Airspace (SUA)
-Store data on External SD
-A/FD (chart supplement)
-Pinch zoom and measure
-Redundant data servers
-Real-time GPS tracking
-Grand Canyon Charts
-Helicopter Charts
-Track prediction
-Auto Logbook
-SAR patterns
-Track Log

Weather Overlay:
-NEXRAD (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
-SIGMET / AIRMET (Internet, MobileLink)
-METAR (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
-PIREP (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
-TAF (Internet, MobileLink, ADS-B)
-Surface and winds aloft (Internet)
-Current Icing Potential (Internet)
-Satellite imagery (MobileLink)
-Lightning strikes (MobileLink)
-Freezing levels (MobileLink)
-NOTAMs (Internet, ADS-B)
-Area forecast (Internet)
-TFRs (Internet)

Third party devices and programs integration:
-Baron MobileLink
-iLevil with AHRS
-Microsoft FSX
-Dual XGPS

FAA Approved - Class 1 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) - Reference AC91-78 and AIM Chapter 1

US Only, VFR and IFR

For pilots using phones and tablets running Android 4.0 or higher.

One subscription or free trial may be used on multiple devices such as a phone and tablet. Subscriptions authenticated using the Google account on your Android device. Free trial features a Standard subscription with no restrictions.

Rooted devices not "officially" supported

We cannot respond to feedback or app issues left in Google Play reviews. For support, visit

App Recent Changes

  • *2.2.8: Fixed issues with weather cache and improved performance; a couple changes for better flight plan behavior; more accurate DTK, XTK and HSI behavior; several other bug fixes.
  • *2.2.7: A member of our DroidEFB family lost his wife to ALS. We are grieving the loss and asking for contributions directly to ALS TDI to help research a cure for this cruel disease. We've added a Donate option to the main app menu. Thank you!


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