Easy Fix Antimalware Service Executable


Our Windows Pcs face a lot of typical issues. Antimalware service executable is one of them. High CPU usage eats up all capabilities of RAM and it ultimately results slow processing and lag in processing more than single work at a time.

How to Fix Antimalware Service Executable

How will you know that you have become a victim of this strange Windows error of MSMPENG.exe? Here is the simple solution for that. If you are experiencing strange behavior of your PCs and if it becomes slower suddenly without any intimation of hardware problem, check the task manager once.

Press ALT, CTRL, DEL together and see whether there is an option called antimalware service is present or not and how much CPU it is using, In maximum cases it ranges between 70% to 90% and even for some instants, it goes up to 100%.


It is nothing but a built-in security software of Microsoft that keeps all time scanning our system and checks whether there is any  spyware, viruses, Trojans and rootkits etc or not. But sometimes it starts giving priority to the “Security” over tasks and tussle starts there.

It checks every files including the newly downloaded files whether there is any malicious files or not. If it touches 100% CPU usage, system gets shut down sometimes. All unsaved documents get lost. So it can be called a “suicidal bag”.

What would you do To Fix MSMPENG.EXE? 

Now, we need to find out the solutions. What should we do? If you are thinking that using Windows task manager you can stop it from being used, then you are absolutely wrong because you will get a “Access Denied” exception (It’s a integrated process of the system, that’s why).

Reason Behind Antimalware Service Executable

A simple cause is behind this problem. Let us explain it here in below, know the causes before fixing it.


MsMpEng.exe is the main file which causes these all. It’s a basic file used by Windows defender and security software. Sometimes it start scanning itself. If you ask us “why?”, it’s very tough to explain and we think no one will.

How to fix Antimalware Service Executable

  1. Now the actual point of action comes. We need to open the tab of “task manager” and get into the option of “Processes” and then check the “Antimalware service” option and click right on the “file location path” of it. There you can see a file named msmpeng.exe.
  2. Once you have opened the file location and copy the file location path from the file directory, For Windows Explorer, it’s available on the top bar of “Home” and copy path.
  3. Now you need to navigate to the “Windows Defender or Microsoft security essential”, for your assistance check the string- Settings < Excluded files and locations. On the first box, paste the copied path and click on the “Add” option. Then “SAVE” the changes you have made.

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We think, we have made our way through the easiest way of fixing Antimalware Service Executable. Share your experiences and thoughts over it by pouring comments in the below section.